Grease Trap Cleaning


As the owner of a commercial kitchen you should be aware that cleaning your grease trap is a routine priority. Septic Tank Cleaning Sydney is the leading contractor for commercial kitchen clients to help clear waste properly from your system. We are a decades old septic tank cleaning and maintenance contractor that provides a wide range of services to keep your commercial kitchen, business and residential property operating smoothly and efficiently. Many people concentrate on their stoves and other kitchen gadgets in the preparation of food, but your grease trap is a vital feature that needs regular attention to keep your kitchen functional and safe.

Safety First
Commercial kitchens are some of the biggest culprits for the tons of grease and fat that are dumped into the sewage system each year in the region. Over time, all of this waste can cost millions of dollars of damage and repairs to plumbing and the environment. This is why a safety first and grease trap cleaning program is a vital part of every commercial kitchen. 

Consider the case of grease harming not just plant life, but also animals when rainwater is contaminated by grease and fat. In a world where consumers are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of commercial products and services, routine grease trap cleaning is not just good for the environment and safety of your kitchen, but it can also affect your bottom line and reputation as a responsible business owner.

Prevent Sewage Overflow
When grease flows down the drain after dishes are washed in sinks and automated dishwashers, there is a slow build up in your sewer lines. These particles become suspended in water and though you may be using hot water, it will eventually cool down and allow the grease and fat to solidify. This accumulation will block not only your drains and sewer line but it will also lead to sewer problems further out and eventually begin to develop a foul odor. 

Septic Tank Cleaning Sydney provides routine grease trap cleaning that can provent sewage overflow problems from affecting your business and the community-at-large. We take great pride in our expertise and efficiency so that you never need worry about closing your operation.

Grease Trap Cleaning Delays Make it Worse

As a commercial kitchen owner, you are likely always thinking about how to cut costs, but delays in cleaning of your grease traps makes the task far more difficult than when you conduct a routine cleaning. Our decades of experience provide expert context for the damage that commercial kitchen owners Face when grease trap cleaning is delayed. 

Hardened fats and grease take a much longer time to clean and can affect the functionality of your plumbing. This can often turn out to be a far if your expense thing many commercial kitchen owners anticipated. We provide fast and efficient professional grease trap cleaning so that you have the peace of mind you need that you’re working in a safe and clean.

Avoid Health Department Fines
Government takes its role seriously when conducting inspections for health and safety. As a business owner you are responsible for proper disposal waste and cleaning your grease traps is a significant component of this effort. 

You’re commercial kitchen could be in jeopardy I was paying heavy fines and penalties for lack of routine cleaning of your grease traps. Dirty grease traps are often an indication for why there are foul smells and unsanitary conditions in a commercial kitchen.  This is not not only displeasing for your clientele but it is also a health hazard that could be heavily penalized.